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With Potenza, my college app process changed from some scary mysterious game that I had to crack to a clear plan of enhancing what I have to offer. I knew I wanted to do an early round application, so a major decision I had to make was which college. Potenza understands their students’ full profiles and potential, including their character strengths which school counselors usually don’t have time to assess. Thus, I was able to gain a much clearer idea of both my chances and my fit with different colleges, and I ended up loving Brown University, the college which was actually first recommended to me by Potenza! I received an abundance of practical help over the summer, like suggestions for projects that could boost my profile more, updates on all the important deadlines coming up, and feedback on my main essay ideas. Most significantly, Potenza taught me how to perceive what the admissions officers want to see and make those details clear in my application, a skill that will undoubtedly prove useful in college as well. I’m so thankful of all the services Potenza provides, and incredibly satisfied and happy with the results!
— Former Student - Brown, Class of 2024
Potenza Consultant takes the idea of college counseling to another level. With in-depth understanding of the college application process, Potenza really polished my soft skill set by improving my public speaking, communication and leadership skills through extraordinary student run extra circulars. Touching on every aspect of the college application, Potenza took an business approach to organize every student. Potenza gave me handy advice on how to establish healthy interpersonal relationship with school faculty and college professor, allowing me to reach for outstanding recommendation letters. The college workshops in summer really got me ahead of the application process and kept me focus. We went through draft after draft and school after school, Potenza dug out the college of my perfect fit. I could not ask for more.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020
Potenza has been a major factor that contributed to my acceptance to my dream school. In fact, I can say with confidence that its impact in my college application process has been quite indispensable for my final success. What separates Potenza from other college consulting services are its personalization and effectiveness. I felt that Potenza cared about me and understood every aspects of my profile, such as academics, personal interests, background, and goals. Building on that, Potenza was able to design an extremely effective path for my high school career which fitted me well. I can say that close to everything that Potenza told me to do came up useful and crucial during the final application process in my senior year. I don’t think one can say the same for any other service available right now. To be honest, working with Potenza can be hard at times. However, the reward is also life-changing. I came in to Potenza being already strong in academics, but Potenza taught me how to truly stand out and be unique in an ultra-competitive environment. At the end of the day, I will be forever grateful to Potenza because it gave me the edge that opened my door to the top percentile elite colleges and my dream.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020
Potenza truly made my dreams come true. Through meticulous and careful guidance, I was able to discover my passions, see my future career, and fall in love with schools I had not considered before, creating immense happiness throughout the college process. First semester of senior year is notorious for being a chaotic and stressful period of time, especially with applications ominously waiting to be completed. Potenza made it a pleasurable and painless process, allowing me to breathe and embrace every possibility. I was admitted to two schools, Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), that were my two top choices since forever. I never in a million years imagined that I would be able to make this unbelievable choice between two of the best schools in the nation. Thank you Potenza for allowing me to dream big.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019
Potenza has been extremely helpful in guiding on the right path during this past college process. Overall, I think the counselors did an amazing job of helping me make the right decisions and writing about the important things in my life. They also did a terrific job of looking over my applications and checking over the essays before I submitted them. Thank you Potenza!
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019
Joining Potenza was one of BEST decision I have ever made. Before I came to Potenza, I was unmotivated and lost. I just only dreamed of going to top colleges yet I didn’t take initiative. But Potenza gave me the opportunity to improve myself as well as to build my college résumé. Their approach to college consulting is extremely unique and something I didn’t expect. Through their community service events, I was able to garner and enhance my leadership and organizational skills. When I was able to apply and test out my new skills to my everyday life and in school, I was ecstatic to see self-improvement ultimately shine through. What really resonated with me from Potenza’s program is their goal to help and shape students to become a great contributor to society. Overall, I feel that I am ready to take on what college has prepared for me because of the help of Potenza. Thank you Potenza for being the best college mentor and life coach! Thank you for helping me create more fantastic opportunities college and life has waiting for me! Thank you Potenza for making my dreams come true!
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019
Saying that Potenza is a college admissions consulting program seems like a complete understatement of what it actually is. It doesn’t just help you get to your dream school, but it also prepares you for success at the most prestigious of universities. There are simply no words to describe the amount of leadership and personal development that I gained from this program. Your peers become your close friends and inspirations and the counselors become close mentors in the admissions process and in life in general. After this program, I sincerely feel matured and ready to face any challenge awaiting me at college and onto my career.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018
Being a part of Potenza comes with lots of commitment but in the end, it has been unbelievably rewarding. Their academic help is exceptional with their guidance towards putting a student in a position to succeed. However, academics can only get you so far in the college application process. What I believe is the essence of a Potenza experience is the relationships you build with students at top schools and the extracurricular activities that shape who you are. For example, the community service program organized by Potenza pushes its members to their limits, and it’s the time spent in the program that makes Potenza students’ applications come to life with vivid colors, setting them apart from others. Potenza doesn’t use a rigid plan that works for all students that walk through their doors. In fact, they take the time to understand the unique situation of every student and personalize counseling sessions and essays. For me, the counselors understood my strengths and weaknesses and nourished my strengths for the professional world while improving my weaknesses. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking guidance in their school, college applications, or even life because Potenza’s fusion of academic and extracurricular counseling cannot be found anywhere else.
— Former Student - University of Chicago, Class of 2018
I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for Potenza’s help in the acceptance to my dream school. They encouraged me to participate in activities that were out of my comfort zone but would ultimately accentuating my résumé. Honing in on my entrepreneurial passion, Potenza encouraged me in enlisting for volunteering and internship opportunities. This, in return, enhanced my leadership skills and sense of responsibility and I know that these skills that Potenza helped me gain will only be advantageous in my future. Not only did Potenza help me polish my résumé, but they also were tremendous help in the college application process. Without their help, I do not believe I could have reached my full potential. Thank you Potenza!
— Former Student - MIT, Class of 2018
To this day, I owe much of my collegiate preparation and success to Potenza College Consulting. My questions and concerns about high school and college were addressed in a meticulous manner. Potenza’s most distinct and successful program is its college workshops. During the time of this program, they prioritized their availability and thoroughness when it came to preparing for the college application process. The consultants gave me a better understanding of my potential and my portfolio. Due to Potenza’s help and encouragement, I am now attending my aspired university.
— Former Student - Cal Tech, Class of 2018
I would like to express my most sincere gratitude toward Potenza as it is unlike any other college consulting. The training and advices I received from Potenza not only benefitted me in the college search process but also in life. Potenza constantly pushes us to our best so that we can succeed. Being surrounded and supported by highly talented and motivated individuals drove me to become a more responsible leader, member, and friend. The extracurricular projects, scholarship opportunities, and academic development goals that I got from Potenza add greatly to my college application. Potenza helped me to expand and improve on my advantages and weaknesses respectively.
— Former Student - Carnegie Mellon, Class of 2018
It’s hard for me to overestimate the value of Potenza. Of course in the beginning it all sounded too good to be true, but after participating in the program and reflecting on what I had accomplished in it, it became clear why their admission stats are so impressive. Throughout the process I felt that the consultants were always available if I needed them, and that they were truly invested in my success - not only in college admittance, but in the context of life as a whole. The real world experience I obtained has already proven useful, a mere three weeks into my college career at one of the most pre-professional environments in the nation. Through this program I did not learn how to “pad my resume”, per se. Rather, I learned how to mature and develop into the kind of person top schools are looking for, and for that I am very grateful.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017
I want to truly extend my heartfelt thanks to Potenza College Consulting. I was not a very excellent student in school and did not have many extracurricular and it is exactly that which allows me to say Potenza helped me immensely. I was able to get back on track academically as well as become a leader through Potenza’s engaging group program. I would recommend Potenza to anyone who wants to get into a prestigious college because I am almost one hundred percent sure you will be able to as long as you follow the guidance of Potenza fully.
— Former Student - Carnegie Mellon, Class of 2017
Geez-louis, Potenza really pushed me to my limits and allowed me to find my full potential. I say “find” because I’m still working on reaching that potential but without Potenza I wouldn’t have realized how far I can go mentally and sometimes physically. Although the program is intensive and demanding, it really produces results and is also effective in promoting real personal growth. At Potenza, you don’t just fake it. For example, the community service program organized by Potenza emphasizes real change and understanding, not just having the goals to embellish college applications. Another reason I find Potenza worth the expense and time is the people I’ve met through the program. The benefits I’ve reaped from being surrounded by highly motivated and ambitious individuals cannot be quantified. Neither can the future benefits of the network I’ve created with my fellow Potenzates.
— Former Student - Yale, Class of 2017
Until I worked with Potenza College Consulting, I was not entirely sure of how the college process worked, nor did I realize my designated path in the liberal arts. Early on, Potenza helped me organize a personal high school plan that had included taking the most suitable classes for my interests and potential major, in conjunction with ample extracurricular and volunteering opportunities. They were also more than willing to help me find substantial scholarships to apply for, and more prominently: the programs that they helped me find the resources to set up which included international volunteerism and managerial experience. Throughout the college application process, Potenza extensively helped me improve my essay writing skills, as well as helping me develop successful interviewing techniques. Most importantly, Potenza College Consulting encouraged me to research colleges that were best suited for me as well as the challenges that I would be ready to take. They introduced me to a plethora of colleges that were not as readily known; however had reputable establishments in styles of education, unique extracurricular and study abroad programs, and unique student populations. Largely because of Potenza, I was able to attend one of the best liberal arts colleges- one that would appreciate an actively academic sense of humor and a sincere sensibility for the social sciences.
— Former Student - Amherst, Class of 2016
My experience from Potenza College Consulting was much different than what I’d expected. They taught me what was needed in a college application and how the whole process worked. They made us feel comfortable with the college application process and answered all of the questions I had about it. They helped me get into one of the best colleges in the entire world, and I’m extremely grateful to have been accepted with the help of Potenza. However, even more, I’ve learned how to become a independent individual. I’ve learned the importance of action and teamwork. I’ve learned how to be an effective leader. Potenza helped me thrive not only as a student, but also as a person.
— Former Student - Stanford, Class of 2016
Potenza took college consulting to a whole new level. It wasn’t just simple advice for a college essay or application, but was guidance for the future. After the program, I felt confident about not only getting into my dream school, but also about my career path and the vast number of opportunities there. Success at the next level is a combination of both selecting the best fit college, and choosing the best major for the future. I am convinced that Potenza College Consulting has helped me achieve both. The two most important attributes that stuck out at me was its promptness and organization. My deadlines became their deadlines. My worries became their worries. The three month long journey, which seemed unconquerable at first, went by much more smoothly with such a fine companion to push me along every step of the way. Not only was I charmed by the grace and beauty of the staff, but after the many delirious hours I spent writing in front of them, I think I actually enjoyed the process and the end products. Oh, and getting into Stanford was pretty cool too.
— Former Student - Stanford, Class of 2016
The consultants and students at Potenza are an extension of my own family. I can always count on the consultants and my peers there for help on just about anything. Potenza helped me win national accolades, package my extracurricular activities, and push me to excel on the most rigorous standardized testing schedule. Most importantly, Potenza’s college strategy helped me enter my dream school in the early admissions round while breezing through senior year. Intense work throughout summer paid off as I stopped worrying about colleges after December 9th when everyone else at school was still stressed on completing applications for the regular admissions round. Summer workshops are such a small aspect of the Potenza experience. I’m glad the college consultants here prepared me not only for college, but for life and the working world. Thank you for everything!
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016
Potenza not only provided me with academic and extracurricular consulting, but also with personal development. Aside from being accepted into my dream school, I also found that Potenza helped me become a better leader. Potenza also kept me on track during the application process, reviewing my essays and other materials constantly. For all the aforementioned reasons, I am very grateful for Potenza’s mentorship and guidance during the intense college application process.
— Former Student - Princeton, Class of 2016
Choosing Potenza College Consulting for all my college application needs was one of the biggest and best decisions of my life. Before entering the program, I was completely unaware of many of the critical intricacies that the application process required students to navigate. Potenza fixed all of that by giving me a clear-cut path and the means to come out on top of the college selection game. The strategists helped me to emphasize the skills that made me a top competitor, the most well-rounded student, and a better person in all aspects. In a world of increasing competition, Potenza can really make the difference between admittance and rejection to the top schools in the nation.
— Former Student - University of Chicago, Class of 2016
Potenza’s workshop program allowed me to get instant feedback from the consultants, but also my peers, many of which were also applying to competitive private schools. They provided the perfect atmosphere for me to come up with my best work, and helped me gain entrance early decision to my first choice school, UPenn’s Wharton School of Business.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016
Choosing Potenza College Consulting for all my college application needs was one of the biggest and best decisions of my life. Before entering the program, I was completely unaware of many of the critical intricacies that the application process required students to navigate. Potenza fixed all of that by giving me a clear-cut path and the means to come out on top of the college selection game. The strategists helped me to emphasize the skills that made me a top competitor, the most well-rounded student, and a better person in all aspects. In a world of increasing competition, Potenza can really make the difference between admittance and rejection to the top schools in the nation.
— Former Student - University of Chicago, Class of 2016
I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience. I was able to get into my first choice college (which was also my reach) and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Potenza’s guidance. I would recommend Potenza to all of my friends because of how much they helped me and how successful the results were. It took away so much of the anxiety of my entire college process during the school year and forced me to be on top of things and start early, which I knew I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.
— Former Student - Cornell, Class of 2016
My high school journey was difficult but extremely rewarding— thanks to Potenza College Consulting I was accepted to the college of my dreams. Potenza pushed me to accomplish goals in high school such as gaining leadership positions, pursuing community service, and winning national awards. They also helped motivate me to maintain good grades and achieve high test scores. Meetings were very personal and constructive, and the college workshop was invaluable in helping me through the tedious application process. Even after I was accepted in several Ivy Leagues and top colleges, Potenza continued giving advice that helped me pick my perfect school, where I will spend my next four years. I am beyond excited, and I really feel like I am prepared for college. Choosing the guidance of Potenza College Consulting, for the past four years, was one of the best decisions I have made.
— Former Student - Yale, Class of 2016
Potenza has helped me drastically in my decisions for colleges as well as the application process. I would not have been able to get into Tepper School of Business without their help. The consultants were able to first provide information and various college options, then help me achieve my goals step by step. They not only helped me prepare and embellish my application, but also trained me to develop the skills needed in such a rigorous and competitive school. I am very grateful of all their help and time dedicated towards my success, and definitely recommend their service. They are not only my consultants who guided me, but also friends for life.
— Former Student - Carnegie Mellon, Class of 2015
As a first year at the University of Chicago, I am still very grateful for the help that Potenza College Consulting provided me. From my experience under their program, I learned not only the tools and knowledge needed to be accepted into the world’s most prestigious colleges, but also the knowledge needed to succeed at these same colleges. The reason is because the methods that Potenza implements are innovative and unprecedented. Entering the University of Chicago as a first year, I felt as if I was a step ahead of everyone. In student organizations, I already knew how to set up certain events, communicate to administration, and manage a team effectively. I would highly recommend Potenza to anyone who is not only looking to be accepted into the most prestigious colleges, but also to succeed there.
— Former Student - University of Chicago, Class of 2015
It was all thanks to Potenza that I was able to gain admittance into one of the top Universities. Without the guidance and tutelage of the program, I don’t believe I would be where I am today. I would definitely recommend Potenza to my close friends because I know for a fact that the results are worth it. The mentors from the program helped ease away all of the restlessness of applying for institutions and instead lent me a warm and helping hand. Without Potenza I definitely would not have been able to balance my time for school and for applications.
— Former Student - Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2015
Potenza College Consulting was instrumental in guiding all aspects of my college application experience and was a key factor in making sure that all aspects of the college applications process worked out smoothly. It provided invaluable insight into varied subjects, including financial aid, academic consulting, and of course, the actual application itself. My college application experience could not have gone as smoothly as it did without the help of Potenza College Consulting.
— Former Student - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015
The benefits of Potenza College Consulting program are not only evident in the results they portray but also extend beyond the college application process. The projects Potenza designs for its students specifically target the individuality and perseverance colleges looks for in recruiting their freshman class. If it weren’t for Potenza, the extracurriculars I participated in at school would not have been enough to land me in the high caliber of colleges I was particularly interested in. I think more high school students need to factor in the significance of personality when applying to colleges because that is what will distinguish them from their competitors. Potenza is a great resource to help students develop those absolutely necessary qualities. Even more, Potenza’s programs go beyond just applying to colleges. As a current freshman at Georgetown University, I’ve been offered many job opportunities as just a freshman. Almost 80% of the time, I was offered a position , above sophomores, juniors and seniors because of the projects and experiences I’ve encountered through Potenza. My opportunities are the perfect reflection of the long-term benefits of this program. And finally, Potenza has helped me grown as a person. Being in the program has helped me become more independent, responsible and motivated. If it weren’t for Potenza, I don’t know if I would have ever had the strength to leave my comfort zone in California and make a place for myself 3000 miles away from home.
— Former Student - Georgetown University, Class of 2015
Potenza taught me how to package my skill set effectively and attractively to colleges, which helped me gain admission to the Ivy League university of my choice. While having stellar grades and test scores is a top priority, I think what differentiates applicants are the soft skills such as leadership and drive that are communicated on paper to colleges. Potenza was instrumental in helping me present myself in the best possible light and showcase my true potential. Furthermore, Potenza simplified the intensive college application process to the point where I was actually able to enjoy myself in writing all these essays that admission officers probably spent less than 2 minutes reading
— Former Student - Brown, Class of 2014
Potenza College Consulting was valuable in helping me with my college admissions process. The counselors are knowledgeable, qualified, and friendly. They were always dedicated to preparing me for every aspect of the college admissions process (SATs, essays, interviews, and resume development). They gave me useful advice, helped me create a personalized plan based on my interests, also find wonderful academic and extra-curricular opportunities. I used their services for 2+ years, and can definitely say that I enjoyed working with them. BESTFRIENDS4LYFE.
— Former Student - Wellesley, Class of 2014
I needed help preparing for my medical scholar program interviews and getting information on how the selection/admission process worked. [Potenza College Consulting] was amazing. I got much more than I expected and Potenza not only help improve my interview speaking skills but also provided information about the general college admission process. I was more than satisfied. They not only covered the interview process thoroughly but also gave me additional benefits such as helping me with the financial aid reconsideration process. Also, contacting them was an easy phone call or email away and response times are pretty fast. The consultants were very knowledgeable. They understood what they were talking about and really helped break down the admission process. During our period of contact, I was able to articulate myself better (interview training) and also I got into some AMAZING colleges that I would have never thought I would’ve gotten into. So, THANK YOU GUYS!
— Former Student - Harvard, Class of 2013
The consultants [at Potenza] were very knowledgeable and provided very specific and detailed guidance. They worked very closely with the students. I was very satisfied with the overall experience and the results. I got into the colleges of my choice. They showed great understanding of the college admissions process. They helped on developing essays and creating a fully developed profile and a more complete application. I liked the workshop sessions which provided a constructive environment and helped me produce better work at a faster rate.
— Former Student - Harvard, Class of 2013