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Supporting Students and Parents.

Students and parents will work directly with our consultants during their time in Potenza. Below is a list of the different services we provide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at “Contact” page.


Areas of Practice


College Application Consulting:


Our one-on-one consulting program is for students who enjoy more ongoing and personalized consulting. This program includes unlimited time for parents and students to meet with our consultants to create and design a portfolio that is individually tailored to each student, giving them that critical edge in the college admissions process. Our one-on-one consulting focuses on academic and extracurricular planning. Potenza oversees everything from making the most of your student's summers, to coordinating their course selections, and to college application preparation. Our consulting program beings once the student signs up with Potenza. Listed below is a detailed list outlining the academic and extracurricular planning that Potenza provides.


Curriculum and Academic planning
Career Counseling
Test preparation
The College Search
Campus Visitation Preparation
College Application Assistance
College Essays
Letters of Recommendation
Personal Interview Coaching
Application Submission
Financial Aid and Scholarship Advisement
College Selection Advisement


Academic Competitions
Leadership Competitions
Leadership Training
Strategic Extra-curricular Planning

Potenza Application Workshop: Rising Seniors

This intense 5 day summer application workshop focuses on completing all components of the college application. Also included in the PAW program is the weekly follow up meetings and additional college application workshops during the school year. Prior to the 5 day application workshop, students set up an initial meeting where they create their college list with the consultants. Spaces are limited and 5 day workshops are offered during the summer before senior year. Our one-on-one consulting program (academic and extra-curricular planning) is not included in this program.


private middle and high school admissions consulting

graduate school application consulting